Embrace the future of advertising, where your brand connects and engages with coffee lovers everywhere!


We’re excited to offer you a range of innovative solutions! Our compostable paper cups provide an excellent canvas for eco-friendly and eye-catching advertising. By incorporating sustainable and visually appealing designs, you can effectively convey your message to a broad audience. We specialize in revolutionizing advertising through our innovative “cupvertising” solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of services to help brands and businesses maximize their visibility and captivate their target audience through coffee cup advertising.

Embrace Sustainability with Bio Coffee Cups – A Win-Win for Brands and the Planet!

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, imagine a promotional strategy that not only elevates your brand but also contributes to a greener future. Introducing Bio Coffee Cups – a revolutionary concept where brands subsidize eco-friendly cups, ensuring they are distributed for a fraction of the price. This innovative approach not only minimizes costs for businesses but also promotes a sustainable lifestyle for consumers.

Here are some advertising solutions to consider

  1. Branded Designs: Create unique and distinctive designs that showcase your brand identity. Incorporate logos, slogans, or taglines that resonate with your target audience.
  2. Eco-Messages: Emphasize the eco-friendly nature of your products. Highlighting sustainability, environmental awareness, and the use of compostable materials can enhance your brand image.
  3. Promotional Offers: Print QR codes or promotional messages on the cups, leading customers to exclusive offers or discounts. This engages your audience and encourages repeat business.
  4. Interactive Campaigns: Encourage customers to interact with your brand by incorporating interactive elements on the cups. This could include QR codes for surveys, contests, or social media engagement.
  5. Local Partnerships: Collaborate with local businesses or organizations to co-brand your cups. This not only supports community initiatives but also extends your reach to a broader audience.

If you’d like more detailed information or have specific requirements in mind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch HERE.

How it Works?

  1. Subsidized by Brands: Forward-thinking brands are taking a step towards sustainability by subsidizing Bio Coffee Cups. This means your business can contribute to positive environmental change without breaking the bank.
  2. Customized Branding: The cups serve as a canvas for your brand to shine. Your logo and a QR code link are printed on each cup, transforming it into a powerful advertising medium. Customizable and eye-catching, these cups create a lasting impression on your target audience.
  3. Eco-Certified Ink: Our commitment to sustainability extends to every detail. The ink used for printing is eco-certified, ensuring that the entire production process adheres to environmentally friendly standards.
  4. Eco-Certified Cups: The Bio Coffee Cups themselves boast major eco-certifications, guaranteeing their positive impact on the environment. Some of these certifications include FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute), and other major eco-friendly standards.
  5. Distribution for a Cause: We take charge of distributing these eco-friendly cups either free or at a fraction of the regular price. This means you’re not just investing in advertising; you’re contributing to a broader movement for a greener, more sustainable world.


Whether you’re a local startup or an established enterprise, our tailored services will help you reach new heights of brand awareness, customer engagement, and business growth. Trust us to transform the daily coffee ritual into a powerful marketing opportunity for your business. Our comprehensive services cater to businesses of all scales, ensuring that whether you’re a burgeoning local startup or a well-established enterprise, we have the expertise to elevate your brand. With our tailored approach, your journey with us goes beyond mere advertising – we are dedicated to fostering brand awareness, boosting customer engagement, and propelling overall business growth. Count on us to seamlessly transform the everyday coffee ritual into a dynamic and influential marketing opportunity, uniquely tailored to amplify your business success.

  • Coffee cups are used and carried by individuals on a daily basis, making them a highly visible and portable advertising medium.
  • By strategically placing your advertisements on coffee cups, you can effectively target your desired audience and increase the likelihood of connecting with potential customers who align with your product or service.
  • Unlike other forms of advertising that might be quickly forgotten or ignored, coffee cups have a longer lifespan. People tend to hold onto and reuse coffee cups, extending the duration of your brand’s exposure.


Capture Attention Every Day with Branded Coffee Cups

Micro2media coffee cups offer exceptional brand visibility throughout the day. As people carry and use these cups, your message gains prominent placement, reaching a broad audience.

Daily Engagement with Your Target Market

Coffee, a cherished daily ritual for many, becomes an integral part of the Micro2media coffee cup ad experience. This unique synergy ensures that your brand seamlessly integrates into their cherished coffee routine, fostering a profound connection. As your brand aligns with their daily indulgence, the result is not just an advertisement; it’s a memorable association that resonates with customers, fostering lasting connections and reinforcing brand recall every time they savor their favorite brew.

Mobile Marketing on the Go

The inherent portability of coffee cups metamorphoses them into dynamic mobile billboards, turning every sip into a journey for your brand message. As these cups traverse various locations, workplaces, events, and public spaces, your advertising reach transcends the confines of fixed locations. Embrace the power of mobility, as your brand story becomes a constant companion in the daily adventures of consumers, sparking interest and engagement wherever the cups go. This unique form of on-the-go advertising ensures that your brand message captures attention far beyond the confines of a traditional static setting, creating a versatile and impactful promotional avenue.

Targeted Marketing for Specific Demographics

Micro2media tailors coffee cup distribution to specific locations like cafes, offices, universities, or gyms. This allows you to target specific demographics or niche markets aligned with your business goals.

Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

Compared to traditional advertising methods like billboards or TV commercials, Micro2media coffee cup ads offer a cost-effective solution. This provides an accessible option, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, to gain exposure and build brand awareness.

Promote Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

Micro2media offers biodegradable and compostable coffee cups, allowing you to showcase your commitment to sustainability. This aligns your brand with environmentally conscious consumers, fostering positive brand associations and goodwill.

If you’d like more detailed information or have specific requirements in mind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch HERE. We are happy to assist you in creating a customized advertising solution that aligns with your goals.


How does advertising on coffee cups work?

Advertising on coffee cups is a dynamic marketing strategy that involves featuring branded advertisements or messages on the surface of both disposable and reusable coffee cups. Through our collaboration with coffee shops and cafes, we facilitate the distribution of these cups to their customers, ensuring unparalleled exposure for your brand. As customers savor their coffee, your eye-catching advertisement is right in their hands, providing a potent and engaging marketing opportunity.

What kind of businesses can benefit from advertising on coffee cups?

Any business looking to enhance its brand visibility can benefit from advertising on coffee cups. Whether you’re a local startup, an established brand, or a service provider, cup advertising provides a versatile platform to reach a diverse audience. It is particularly effective for those seeking a direct and impactful connection with consumers during their daily coffee rituals.

What is the cost of a campaign?

The regular rate for a campaign is $500 USD, inclusive of the distribution of 5000 cups. You have the option to provide specific URL trackers for monitoring your campaign effectively. Campaigns can be global, country-specific, or city-specific. Additionally, campaigns could be restricted to local areas.

How many coffee shops or cafes are in your network for cup advertising?

Our extensive network includes a diverse range of coffee shops and cafes, offering a broad geographical reach. The exact number may vary, but rest assured, we continually expand our partnerships to maximize the potential for your brand exposure. Feel free to contact us for specific details on our current network and how it aligns with your advertising goals.

Can I customize the design and content of the advertisements on the coffee cups?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of a unique brand identity. You can fully customize the design and content of your advertisements on the coffee cups. From incorporating your logo, slogans, and brand colors to crafting a message that resonates with your target audience, we provide a flexible and tailored approach to suit your advertising needs. Our team is here to assist you in creating a visually appealing and impactful cup advertisement that effectively communicates your brand message.

Who are our partners?

Click on the following link to explore a selection of our key partners: Micro2media partners

Why Choose Bio Coffee Cups?

  • Environmental Impact: By opting for Bio Coffee Cups, your brand aligns with eco-conscious practices, showcasing a commitment to reducing environmental impact.
  • Cost-Effective Advertising: Enjoy the benefits of advertising without the hefty price tag. Subsidized cups make it financially viable for brands of all sizes to participate.
  • Consumer Engagement: The QR code link opens a direct avenue for customer engagement, leading to increased brand interaction and loyalty.
  • Positive Brand Image: Associating your brand with sustainability enhances your image, attracting environmentally conscious consumers.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your advertising strategy while contributing to a sustainable future. Join the Bio Coffee Cup movement and let your brand make a positive impact. Contact us today to embark on this eco-friendly journey! If you’d like more detailed information or have specific requirements in mind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch HERE. We are happy to assist you in creating a customized advertising solution that aligns with your goals.

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