9 Ecological Strategies to Implement in E-commerce

The growth of e-commerce has consistently increased over the years and experienced a significant surge with the onset of Covid-19. Physical stores unable to accommodate in-person customers had to quickly find a way to continue generating income to ensure the survival of their businesses. Many individuals working for companies that were temporarily or permanently closed […]

Revolutionizing Waste Management: A Closer Look at Ecological Impacts

Waste management is a critical aspect of environmental sustainability, with significant implications for ecosystems and human well-being. In recent years, companies worldwide have been reevaluating their waste management practices, aiming for more sustainable and ecologically responsible solutions. One such company leading the charge is “Waster Management,” setting an example for how businesses can make a […]

Innovation in the Service of Inclusive, Solidary, and Ecological Mobility

Mobility is a significant challenge for modern societies, crucial for accessing services, employment, education, and culture. However, mobility can also be a source of inequalities, pollution, and congestion. Innovation can contribute to addressing these challenges by proposing more inclusive, solidary, and ecological mobility solutions. School Transportation School transportation is a key sector for the mobility […]

Signs of Concerning Activity Around Mount Saint Helens in the United States

Credits : Saint Helens / iStock Will one of the most dangerous American volcanoes erupt again? The United States Geological Survey (USGS) is noting an increase in low-intensity earthquakes in the area around Mount Saint Helens. In just a few months, a staggering 400 low-intensity earthquakes have been detected. A Monster that Raises Concerns Again […]

Ecological awareness is not just an individual matter. But which are the most eco-friendly cities in the world?

1. Amsterdam (Netherlands) Amsterdam is globally renowned for the multitude of bicycles circulating through its streets each day, rumored to outnumber its inhabitants. This bustling city with international ports is actively engaged in ecological transition. Initiatives such as solar cycle paths and canal cleanup cruises demonstrate its commitment. In 2018, Amsterdam was dubbed the “healthiest […]

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