Why a password manager could be the essential security tool your business needs

Making sure your business stays secure is crucial to being successful, as no matter what industry your company operates in, having your data and your workers kept safe is vital. Sadly, cyberattacks are a worryingly increasing threat for businesses of all sizes, making the headlines on a daily basis – and the consequences of being […]

Taiwan highlights powerful AI and cloud products with the Taiwan Excellence Awards

In the internet age, reliable connectivity and networks are paramount. There’s a great deal that goes into keeping the back-end of a network running, and then more on top of that necessary to provide quality services to thousands or millions of users connecting to it every day. Recently, AI and cloud applications have been on […]

Restaurant owner in UK ‘lost for words’ after digger rams into historic building

In the quiet village of Drakeholes in Nottinghamshire, The Mucky Duck faced a tumultuous incident as the premises were subjected to multiple intentional collisions by a digger, according to local law enforcement. The unsettling event occurred around 11:50 pm on a Wednesday night, leaving the pub and its surroundings in a state of disarray. Law […]

Cybercriminals are targeting the financial sector more than ever

The financial sector has apparently become a core target for cybercriminals in 2023, with firms in the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region hit particularly hard.  A new report from CDN provider Akamai Technologies uncovered a massive 119% increase in cyberattacks. On the finance sector when comparing the second quarters of 2022 and […]

Meta pays £149m to break lease on central London office building

Published Sept 27 2023: Landlord British Land says decision will knock earnings for six months to next March. Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has paid £149m to break its lease on a central London office building. And this, in the latest sign of large corporates cutting back on workspace amid the post-pandemic boom in hybrid working. The decision […]

Top Mini Washing Machines and Dryers for September 2023: Your Space-Saving Laundry Solution

Published: Sep 25, 2023: If you’re dealing with limited space, a tight budget, water scarcity, or a busy lifestyle, consider bringing home a mini washing machine and dryer. Pros of Mini Washing Machines and Dryers These compact appliances typically have washing capacities ranging from 2.5 to 4.5 kilograms and are known for their eco-friendliness and […]

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