Urban Ecology: How Cities Can Support Wildlife

As the world becomes increasingly urbanized, cities are often viewed as hubs of human activity, disconnected from the natural world. However, this perspective overlooks the vital role that cities can play in supporting wildlife and promoting biodiversity. Urban ecology, the study of the relationship between cities and the natural environment, reveals that cities can be more than just concrete jungles – they can be thriving ecosystems that support a wide range of plant and animal species.

The Benefits of Switching to Eco-friendly Household Items

In today’s world, the urgency to adopt more sustainable practices is more pronounced than ever. Our everyday choices, particularly the products we use in our homes, play a significant role in the health of our planet. Eco-friendly household items are becoming increasingly popular as people recognize the importance of reducing their environmental footprint. These products, made from sustainable materials and designed to be biodegradable or recyclable, offer a myriad of benefits that extend beyond just being kind to the Earth.

Inorganic Foods: The Hidden Impact on Sustainability

In today’s world, the food choices we make significantly impact our environment and health. Among these choices, inorganic foods—produced using synthetic chemicals and fertilizers—play a crucial role in modern agriculture. However, their hidden impact on sustainability often goes unnoticed. Sustainability, the practice of meeting our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs, is a critical concern in addressing global challenges such as climate change, resource depletion, and environmental degradation.

Canva: Revolutionizing Graphic Design with Sustainability at Heart

Canva has revolutionized graphic design with its user-friendly platform and commitment to sustainability. Its eco-friendly features, such as reusable design elements and carbon offsetting, make it easy for designers to create environmentally responsible designs. Join Canva to drive positive change and promote a more sustainable design culture.

Wren: Building a Sustainable Future, One Action at a Time

Wren.co tackles the challenges head-on by empowering users to navigate the exciting world while minimizing their environmental footprint. Through its innovative Wren feature, users can calculate the carbon footprint of their day to day life and offset their impact by contributing to verified environmental projects.

Find more sustainable ways to get around, with new Maps and Search updates

In an effort to combat climate change, Google Maps and Search are receiving updates to make finding sustainable travel alternatives easier. This includes:
1) Maps: Public transit and walking route suggestions displayed alongside driving routes in major cities for comparable travel times.
2) Search: Expanded search functionality to find long-distance train and bus schedules with prices.
Google Flights: Ability to see estimated flight emissions and filter for lower-emitting options.
3) Travel Impact Model (TIM): Public release of a methodology for developers, Google Sheets add-on, and standalone calculator to estimate flight emissions.

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