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A new and complete Office365 intranet in 15 days!

Pre-designed and packaged intranets as a service delivered in 15 days with Office365, a YFORM Limited company provides its own software solutions along with the integration of established ones such as Office365. We have designed intranet solutions to help you drive productivity, adoption,governance and success!

Whether you’re a 50 or 5’000 user organization, easy-to-navigate intranet on SharePoint will work for you. Imagine all your people, no matter where they’re based or what device they’re working on, being able to:

  • Move between 100% secure information environments
  • Instantly create, share, edit and discuss documents
  • Organize, manage and track projects, assign tasks to team members
  • Exchange content with specific groups of people or publish it to the entire organization
  • Create secure work spaces to collaborate with external partners

Call us at +41 75 416 4140 to arrange a free demo and discuss your requirements.

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EHR notification overload costs doctors

EHR notifications – Primary care doctors are subject to twice as many notifications as specialists, researchers found, but both are facing information overload.

By Jack McCarthy

“Information overload is of concern because new types of notifications and ‘FYI’ (for your information) messages can be easily created in the EHR (vs in a paper-based system),” the researchers wrote in the Journal of the American Medical Association  Internal Medicine.

Making the workload harder to endure, reading and processing these messages is uncompensated in an environment of reduced reimbursements for office-based care, according to the study.

Physicians are receiving these increasing amounts of notifications in EHR-based inboxes such as Epic’s In-Basket and General Electric Centricity’s Documents. The messages include test results, responses to referrals, requests for medication refills, and messages from physicians and other healthcare professionals.

The system is crying out for change the researchers wrote. “Strategies to help filter messages relevant to high-quality care, EHR designs that support team-based care, and staffing models that assist physicians in managing this influx of information are needed.”

What’s more, optimistic predictions that EHRs would improve patient care through better doctor-patient communications have not ubiquitously materialized.

“Unfortunately, we are far from this promise and now also grapple with the unintended consequences of EHRs,” Joseph Ross, MD wrote in an editorial accompanying the research.

In fact, electronic “paperwork” has burdened doctors and reduced the time for patient care.

Ross advocated that inbox notification capabilities be periodically reviewed to be sure EHRs are working in the best interests of patient care and not creating an unnecessary burden on physicians.

In addition, doctors should be reimbursed for time spent reviewing EHR notifications.

“Although many of these notifications are in the service of patients,” Ross wrote, “we need to be sure that physicians’ reimbursement, particularly for primary care physicians, is taking into account the full time needed to manage patients’ care.”

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Excelsia SA and sign an agreement

Excelsia Switzerland SA, a pro-DATA Group company, has signed an agreement with regarding IT support and IT training projects in Switzerland.

Excelsia is part of the Pro-Data LGI SA, a group entity dedicated to companies in Switzerland. It can meet all your needs in the fields of IT Services, Web and Training.

The company is on a human scale and the in-depth technical knowledge of its employees and efficient back office, which is shared by all the group’s companies, enable it to provide a comprehensive service that is optimized, proactive and of a high quality, both nationally and internationally.

Pro-Data LGI SA offers you a range of services covering all company needs in terms of information and communication technology. Note that the company is one of the very few Swiss companies offering IT Services to have been awarded the Swiss Quality label.

Excelsia SA is an entity of the Pro-Data Group specialized in the field of IT Training. It can provide companies with its expertise in vocational training for adults, whatever the profession. Its team can bring personalized and quality solutions in the following areas:

  • IT and office automation
  • Communication and leadership
  • Project management and risk management
  • Management and decision-making

Some of their services are related to the following areas:

  • Installation and Maintenance: Pro-DATA technical skills, which have received accreditation from manufacturers, as well as continuous monitoring of technological developments, ensure that you get the best service at a cost suited to your budget. They deal with all your technical projects in-house,
  • Sales of Equipment: with global network, Pro-DATA is able to provide any product or specific study on hardware you may require,
  • Digital Marketing: Pro-DATA can build your website,
  • Training: Pro-DATA provides MS Office level and requirements questionnaires as well as catalog of training courses in communication, project management, multimedia, servers and networks,
  • Hosting services: Pro-DATA offer all types of services hosted in their Swiss Data centers and could provide Offce365 in collaboration with,
  • IT Security to secure IT infrastructures,
  • IT Consultancy: Pro-Data Group is LSE (Swiss Federal recruitment and hiring of services Act) accredited for recruitment and secondment., as a certified Microsoft partner, will provide IT training and IT consultancy services to some of Excelsia clients. IT Services will be mostly related to Microsoft technology (MS Exchange, MS Access migration to the cloud, SharePoint, Office365…).


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Office 2016 – 3 data privacy features

Microsoft Office 2016 and Windows 10 coming on the heels. The new productivity and collaboration suite brings security features specifically for healthcare entities

Those were mostly lost amid most of the trade press and mainstream media coverage, which largely focused on the new collaboration functionalities. That makes sense given the new Office’s overarching themes as collaboration, productivity, and security.

While there are collaboration and productivity enhancements for health entities, healthcare CIOs and CISOs might be most interested in the privacy features.

Here are three of those:

1. PHI recognition: Outlook can now recognize protected health information in an attachment and warn the user before sending to avoid the common mishap of PHI landing in the inbox of someone who should not receive it. And different permissions can be set to stop some users from even sending PHI at all.

2. Smart Attachments: This feature gives users the option of sending a link in lieu of heavy documents that consume a lot of memory. The reason that matters: When clinicians send a link via OneDrive for Business, the security mechanism authenticates the user and Exchange can track whether a recipient even clicked on that link – which could help account for what happens should data be sent to unintended recipients.

3. Encryption, single sign-on and authentication: This is kind of a threefer, admittedly. They are connected enough to group together. In addition to Office, Microsoft injected encryption into Office 365 services, so now both documents and emails are encrypted, while Windows Hello serves as a single sign-on capability and Windows Passport is now being used by third-party apps, such as Allscripts EMR, for facial recognition.

Office 2016 comes on the heels of Windows 10, which also brought new features specifically for healthcare.

Those include the ability to “snap together” different applications so clinicians can view an EMR alongside, say, a home health app, business intelligence tools for visualizing care data, mapping techniques for population health, as well as care management and information sharing functions

Windows 10, Office 2016 and the forthcoming Windows 10 Mobile are the foundation of the company’s “One Windows” strategy — to enable healthcare organizations to sync apps and data across smartphones, PCs, tablets and a wide range of medical and IoT devices.

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December 16, 2015 / Posted by / Office 2016 – 3 data privacy features