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Cloud Hosting and On-premise Solutions


  • The Cloud Hosting solution is managed by eMEDICS: updates and maintenance. This option is very popular in the world, such as the Office365 Cloud solution of Microsoft that is widely used by national and international companies for web hosting. You do not have to worry about the IT infrastructure as this is completely handled by eMEDICS and addressed by our Service Legal Agreements. This solution is very competitive as we’re using the latest web technology (same as Facebook) at a very competitive rates. Monthly rates remain the same and backups handled by eMEDICS support team. This is the right solution if you do not have your own IT team and IT local infrastructure.
  • A second option is the On-Premise solution. If you operate your own IT infrastructure, you may be interested by integrating our solution to your infrastructure and manage the application yourself. eMEDICS will help you should your IT team requires any assistance. Our application is yours.

We’re willing to recommend the best solution for you but please, be assured that we’re here to help and make sure we put the right solution in place for your future success.

eMEDICS – Microsoft partner helps you migrate your IT infrastructure to Office365


September 20, 2021 / Posted by / Cloud Hosting and On-premise Solutions