Africa market – (YFORM Ltd) has come up with an innovating way of allowing users to convert their paper forms to mobile and start collecting data from anywhere instantly.

YFORM Ltd builds forms that are suitable for worldwide market and especially Africa. We share these forms with our clients through a form catalog. Using the app, team members can log in and start collecting data on mobile devices.

The aim of the technology is to collect data better including pictures, GPS locations, sketches, audio and video, with the platform working both online and offline.Africa is an economy that relies heavily on paper forms for 60 per cent of its processes. Another 20 per cent collect data in silos, are not integrated and face a huge challenge collecting data from remote areas with little or no internet connectivity,”

Moreover, paper-based data collection moves slowly, taking hours or days to get from the point of capture to the point of entry, and is also prone to damage and loss. YFORM Ltd aims to tackle all that.

The possibilities for YFORM Ltd, are unlimited.

“We can replace paper forms completely and be the gold standard for data collection in Africa,”

“It’s a huge market, and we have not even scratched the surface in Africa yet. We have a few contacts who have expressed interest in our product from other African countries, and also India.”Initially, YFORM Ltd struggled to understand how to implement its technology, and how to handle the extremely poor connections in remote areas. We eventually got the hang of it.

“Now all we struggle with is meeting the ever-increasing demands of our clients, always a good sign,”

“In five years we expect to be the data collection tool of choice for all NGO projects in Africa and endorsed by major NGO funders like USAID, the WHO, and the World Bank.”