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Caspio and sign an agreement

Caspio and sign an agreement for Switzerland, Europe & Canada will support Caspio customers to integrate new forms, migrate their data to the Cloud and implement new database applications. For instance, we could assist Caspio’s customers moving standalone database applications (ex: MS Access, excel files…) into the Cloud and therefore, produce powerful multi-users online applications. Also, our mobile form solution that collects data on the field, could be seamlessly integrated to Caspio back-end.


Caspio is a productivity platform for business professionals who want to create online database applications quickly and without coding.

Everything you need is included, Unlimited users for your applications, Applications can be embedded anywhere.
You can manage your data with Caspio, an easy-to-use, yet powerful online database platform. Create forms, reports, and business applications quickly and without programming. Seize business opportunities, streamline processes, and bring your ideas to life like never before.

All-in-One Platform

Your account includes everything you need to create and launch custom database applications using one seamlessly integrated cloud solution. Just bring your ideas and project backlog, and start seizing market opportunities now.


Caspio raises the bar for cloud data management by providing one of the most capable, scalable, and secure databases available through a web-based interface. It requires no installation, no upkeep, and no advanced database skills. It is designed to be your centralized cloud database, easily working with your Caspio-powered applications and external services and programs.


Now, business professionals can create forms or publish databases on the web in minutes. It offers a long list of rich capabilities for every aspect of a modern, smart custom application. Whether you want to improve an internal process or create a customer-facing application, Caspio has the tools that you need.


The platform was perfected in 2000, and today serves thousands of customers ranging from large corporations and government agencies to non-profits and small businesses such as the Bill & Melinda GATES foundation, Blue Cross, Lenovo and so on. Over 500,000 applications are running on Caspio’s online platform across several global sites. Caspio also meets the demands of many industry compliance and security requirements.

Please contact us should you require a demo or assistance to move your applications to the Cloud or creating new ones using this solution.


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