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UNICEF – is proud to sponsor NGO projects

UNICEF – Donate today and help keep children safe from disease such as polio

UNICEF Corporate Alliances team has extensive experience working with some of the world’s biggest brands.  Each corporate partner is provided with a dedicated international account manager from the Corporate Alliance team located in New York and Geneva.  The account managers have backgrounds in corporate marketing, public relations, web marketing, advertising, media, market research, packaged-goods marketing, corporate philanthropy and/or product donations. UNICEF’s international account managers liaise with UNICEF’s National Committees in the country where the corporate partner is headquartered to build and leverage the alliance for highest impact.


Millions of children around the world are in danger of contracting polio – it’s highly contagious and can lead to life-long paralysis. There is no cure, yet there is a safe and effective vaccine. Three doses of polio vaccine give a lifetime of immunity, meaning it costs as little as €0.33 to protect a child forever. In 1988, polio was endemic in 125 countries. Today, thanks to successful vaccination programs like those funded by UNICEF’s. unicef-8

We are close to the goal to end polio forever, but to do so we have to reach every child. Your support helps to vaccinate millions of mothers and babies against deadly diseases and keeps millions of children safe from polio. Your kind donations will help UNICEF keep more children safe. Donations can be made in Sterling, Euros or US Dollars. Use any of the picture on the following page to donate.


In over 190 countries around the world, UNICEF teams are doing whatever it takes to reach the world’s most vulnerable children. They’re saving lives, protecting childhoods and getting children to school. They’re constantly monitoring the situation of children worldwide and act rapidly when an emergency strikes.But they don’t just want children to have better lives today; they’re working with governments and partners to change laws and policies to help future generations of children too.

From immunizing children against preventable diseases, to rebuilding schools after disasters, UNICEF does whatever it takes to reach every child who needs us. But to do this they need the help of supporters like us.

Give a monthly gift today and you can save lives, protect childhoods and give children the chance to go to school every month. is sponsoring UNICEF Switzerland projects all over the world and donates 5% of any of its sales to UNICEF in order to promote their actions and make children have a better life.

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